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About Us

Welcome! Regardless of how you found us, we hope you enjoy sharing our experiences as we embrace sustainable farming. We are, like most, limited in time as we have full time jobs and limited in space as we have only 19 acres. But, this is our attempt to enrich our lives with natural food and be resourceful and kind to our small portion of Mother Earth. We hope you enjoy our journey click here to read more.

cleveland bay horses

Cleveland Bay Horses

If you have a farm you have to have horses, right? We have had horses since we have decided to make the transition to a country life style. We started with Jazz a sorrel Missouri Fox Trotter. He is a beautiful and well behaved trail horse. We added Magna an all black Tennessee Walker a year later. These two are like pea and carrots. click here to read more

white shepherds

White Shepherds

We were introduced to White Shepherds by a breeder in Michigan . The breeder was a well know black and tan German shepherd breeder and one of his dogs gave birth to a white male shepherd. The Gentleman was beside himself. To him this was the worse thing that could happen in the world. His reputation was on the line. He was going to kill the dog immediately click here to read more

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